Drinking/smoking/Drug addiction: Hey guys, today I am gonna to discuss major problem which destroying the life of youngsters. Generation next is slipping towards the gloomy world of drugs. They think drinking is fun, smoking is glamorous and drugs are cool but they don’t know
Smoking- A silent killer of the life.
Smoking- An inner monster.
Drinking- Drinking thrills but kills.
Drinking- Drinking makes a person loose his inhibitions and give exhibition

                         Generation next is slipping towards the gloomy world of drugs

Causes and Reasons
∆ Drinking is mantra of generation next.
∆ Drinking is fun, smoking is glamorous, and drugs are cool.
∆ youngsters want to try something new.
∆ Loneliness, frustration and dissatisfaction with his life.
∆ Broken love stories and breakups.
∆ Shattering of family, relationship, fear of failure.
∆ Inflated parental expectations and in some cases lack of         parental guidance.

                 “Don’t hug the Drug
           It will suck your blood and
                  Will make you dud”

Human beings are the beautiful creation of God. God has given us a beautiful life to live and enjoy but now a day no one is respecting his life and he is just destroying it by being a drug-addict
Now a day smoking and taking drugs is the fashion of everyone as well as students. Addiction like smoking, drinking and drugs are destroying the life of many youngsters and their family members.
As we know that youngsters and children are the future of the country but addiction of drugs and smoking ruined the future of the whole nation. It is the responsibility of youngsters and children to take the country’s development at other level by their hard work and determination but inspite of thinking about these things youngsters and becoming drug-addict.
Drugs and smoking use kills more than 480,000 people each year in the united State. Among current amokers, 57% of all male deaths and nearly 50% of all death in women are attributed to smoking.

∆ established of several rehabilitation centers (nasha mukti       Kendra)
∆ Proper guidance and control by parents/guardian/elders
∆ Creating awareness among the masses by the mass                 media 
∆ Proper counselling by motivatora, gurus, teacher should be in friendly manner by taking them into confidence.

Hey guys: so stop using these things and be a good girl or guy.